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ROM Building Guide

VZW Note Edge Bootloader Unlock Guide

Android Job Box

Windows Tweaker Compact


This is where you will find drivers and utilities used on the PC.  Things such as RSDLite (for SBF flashing), and Windows drivers.

Windows Tweaker Compact
Multipurpose tool for optimizing Windows.  Features include:
    - Metadata optimization (MFT, USN, and more)
    - Clear temp files for Windows
    - Clear caches for multiple browsers
    - Clear Flash cookies
    - Delete old Windows Update files

Android Job Box
Multipurpose tool for Android.  Features include:
    - Data backup/restore (plus selective locations)
    - Lock/unlock bootloader
    - Flash recovery images
    - Optimize OGG sound files on device
    - Optimize APK files (system + data locations)
    - Reboot into bootloader, fastboot, recovery, and device

MD5:  0af0f6a6aaef862788c6bd9f6ea8f7f2
Size:  1.2 MB

MD5:  5e32753338ad062c3f2cd8ff6f23a1b3
Size:  7.12 MB

MD5:  6ae612b21d6124b52b8abace6fec61fa
Size:  30.3 MB