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Steel Droid Build Environment - With Source:

 This image contains all the of necessary components to build Steel Droid Gingerbread, as well as all of the current Steel Droid source (as of the time of the release).

MD5:  aed1bf034255524c565352e7415e5364
Size:  7.33 GB
Author:  ChevyCam94

* OS: Ubuntu 12.04.5 - 64-bit
* Full Steel Droid source code included
* Java 6
* Android SDK fully updated
* All dependencies
* Ccache fully updated

* Basic .bashrc additions

VBox Setup:

This is how I have my VirtualBox settings setup when running this image.  Not all setting may apply to your machine, but these should work fine.

Expanding the local source:

To write out the source thats already included, type the following and hit ENTER.


To build the source, type the following and hit ENTER.