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Steel Droid Build Environment - No Source:

 This image contains all the of necessary components to build Steel Droid Gingerbread, but without any of the source downloaded yet.  You will need to sync up yourself before you can build anything.

MD5:  f1949278720733e759a531f7f42ef61c
Size:  3.97 GB
Author:  ChevyCam94

* OS: Ubuntu 12.04.5 - 64-bit
* Java 6
* Android SDK fully updated
* All dependencies
* Ccache fully updated

* Basic .bashrc additions

VBox Setup:

This is how I have my VirtualBox settings setup when running this image.  Not all setting may apply to your machine, but these should work fine.

Initiate the repo:

Since this image does not contain source, you will need to sync if up yourself.  Navigate to the folder you want to have the source in, right-click in the folder, open a new Terminal window, and type in the following and hit ENTER.

Syncing source:

To pull in the source, type the following and hit ENTER.


To build the source, type the following and hit ENTER.