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Google Pixel XL: Cortex Kernel

MD5:  1010331805d8470f723ee134e98bcfd1
Size:  12.4 MB
Author:  ChevyCam94

Base:  7.1.2
Kernel base:  3.18.51


Major Features:

- GPU Overclocking (133MHz to 652MHz)
- Slimbus CPU Overclocking (up to 1.6GHz (little cluster) and 2.3GHz (big cluster))
- Includes xReboot (based on Simple Reboot by Fransisco Franco)
- Disabled power gating
- Disabled dm-verity checks
- Disabled CRC checks
- Disabled TONS of debugging/logging

- Added KSM (Kernel Same Page Merging)
- Added FIOPS, SIO, and ZEN schedulers
- Added wake gestures
- Added SafetyNet patch
- Added GPU adrenoboost
- Up-to-date BFQ scheduler
- Tweaked Interactive, Deadline, and Fair schedulers
- Tweaked squashfs
- Tweaked IPv6
- Tweaked USB serial connections
- Optimized kernel for performance, not size


Flashing instructions:

1: Boot into TWRP

2: Flash kernel zip (do NOT reboot yet)

3: Flash TWRP installer zip (reboot directly back into recovery)

4: Flash SuperSU installer zip (2.82-SR1 recommended)

5: Reboot to OS and enjoy!



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