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VZW Note Edge Bootloader Unlock Guide

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Added section for VZW Note Edge, and its bootloader unlocking guide!
July 25, 2016 @ 5:27 EST

This took quite a bit of my day, but at the request of several people, I took two guides, and combined them, rewrote it so its understandable, and made my own links to the required files.  This guide is to unlock the marshmallow bootloader on the Galaxy Note Edge (SM-N915V).  The scene was ALMOST dead, but this may just bring it back a little.  Check out the download section for the Note Edge, and the Quick Links section on the left for a link to the bootloader unlocking guide.

Small website link changes!
July 25, 2016 @ 5:27 EST

As some of you probably know, maintaining a website is not cheap.  In order to offset the cost of the server, Im going to be converting the download links to run through AdFly.  Now dont worry, the rest of the site will still be ad-free, and loading times will be lightening fast.  It will be ONLY the download links that use AdFly.  This will also work on a mobile device.  Just hit skip, and your download will start immediately.  Unlike other places, that use AdFly to load ANOTHER download hosting site, my just uses AdFly to produce revenue, and will load the download link directly.  Thanks for understanding!

Added a new Windows script I made, Windows Tweaker Compact!
July 25, 2016 @ 5:22 EST

After having messed with trying to get multiple apps that would optimize my system the way I wanted, I got frustrated with keeping them up to date, and having to open each one to get one or two things from it, then move to the next one.  This prompted me to make a terminal script for Windows that had all the options for optimization right there.  SUPER small size, quick, effective, and compact.  NO overhead fluff, no ads, not super long loading times.  Just run it, and optimize what you want.  Made the same way my Android Job Box was made.  This will be an expanding project.  Compatibility will probably stay with Windows 8 through Windows 10.  I only have Windows 10 to test on.  But if you think this script might help you, please, check it out!  You'll find it under Downloads -> Tools.